Odd Facts About Folks Who Love Dogs And Cats

Readers Digest recently published a poll conducted by Hunch.com looking for the differences between dog people and cat people. You’d be surprised by what they found!

One thing about dog people is that they love Paul McCartney. How much? They are 18% more likely to say the “Cute Beatle” is their fave. Cat people prefer the “Quiet Beatle,” the late George Harrison.

Cat people love Twitter. The poll says that kitty-lovers are 10% more likely to tweet than dog people. Dog people are 9% more like to think zoos are “happy” places. Both places can be pretty wild.

Senses of humor between cat and dog people are as different as night and day, and it’s very fitting to their pet’s personalities too. Dog people love slapstick comedy and impressions. Cat people are more likely to enjoy irony and puns.

Dog people have trendy ringtones; 36% are more likely to have a pop song blast from their phones. Cat people are more introverted and tend to stay close to their friends during parties.

Come across a stray kitten? Dog people are more likely to call animal control, but cat people will take the lost little one in. Maybe that’s how those “cat ladies” get so many cats.

While both groups are just as likely to have a college degree, cat people are 17% more likely to have a graduate level degree.

Despite all their differences, there is at least one thing both dog people and cat people can agree on: Shirts and sweaters with animals on them have got to go!


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