Beating The Daylight Savings Blues

Summer sunshine and longer days is fabulous. I am a believer in you can’t get enough sunlight, but the reality is that we must cut the days shorter each year by “falling back” an hour. The problem is by 6:15pm it’s pitch dark outside and feels like it’s 11pm. It totally throws me off big time and often at the beginning before my body and mind adapt, I feel down and less motivated. So I came across some great tips on how to beat the blues this time of year and I wanted to share them with you.

These are all great and I hope you find some value in them.


Socializing and Exercising- This honestly does not top my list of exciting things to do when feeling the blues, but if you force yourself to be active and meet people or mingle with friends it really can have a positive outcome on turning your mood around.

Massage- If you need an “excuse” to have a massage, here you go. It’s not just for pampering anymore. There are a number of studies that show massage therapy to be a very effective remedy for treating depression and the blues. It’s a fact that this time of year there are a number of stress factors that mount and push us into a funk rather than making us cheery and happy. Drop the knowledge on your sig-other and tell them a massage is what you need and watch what happens!

Deep Breathing- We have all seen the boom with Yoga, Pilates and meditation. There is a reason for this growth. It works and even if it’s just a few minutes of focusing on your breathing the results are very helpful. Under stress our blood pressure tends to rise but some focused breathing can reverse that and help you calm your nerves.

Light Therapy- Waking up to darkness can really throw our bodies off, so waking up to bright light is actually a good idea. I would have thought the opposite, but not the case. There are a number of “Therapy Lights” on the market. This one I saw recently on person and love it. It’s decently priced too. You can get an idea of what’s out there by clicking HERE.

Caffeine- Yes, just the excuse you were looking for, right? A recent study showed that women who drink 4 or more cups of coffee a day are 20% less likely to be depressed. I love my iced non-fatt lattes but I just found a fabulous new TEA that is amazing. I love all things Pumpkin (as I mentioned on the air the other day) and Bigelow has a new “Pimpkin Spiced” tea that I grabbed at the grocery store for like $2. AMAZING!

Hope these help!



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