7 Best At Home Beauty Gadgets

With advancements in technology the special treatments from the spas are becoming more and more available for you at home.  We take a look at the 7 best at home beauty gadgets.

To Exfoliate:

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The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator uses single use pads containing ultra fine aluminum oxide crystals to remove dead cells from damp skin.  It can be used up to three times a week, but avoid it if you have severe acne or resacea.

Price: $48

To Cleanse

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Get a deep cleaning and remove those dead skin cells with the Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Brush.  It oscillates more than 300 times a second and is like a toothbrush for the skin.

Price: $149

To Reduce Wrinkle Redness or Breakouts:

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This little guys is the multitasker of skin treatment devices.  Aim the blue LED of the Asnr: Beam onto your skin for five minute to kill bacteria that cause blemishes.  A red LED to stimulate Collagen to reduce redness and lines can be used daily to get the skin you’ve always wanted.

Price: $175

To Fight Blemishes:

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The Zeno Mini delivers heat to a pimple for about two minutes, destroying P. acnes bacteria and helps heal inflamed and clogged pores.  Using the heat can help prevent scaring  as well.

Price: $89

To Grow Your Hair

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A Laser Comb!?  That is right, the HairMax LaserComb delivers heat energy to the hair follicles; which increases blood flow and circulation that can result in larger follicles and thicker hair shafts.  It is cleared by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to treat hair loss in men but there is no reason it wouldn’t work the same for women.  It’s pricey, but is considered the gold standard in such products.

Price: $495

To Remove Body Hair

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The price of the Tria Laser hair Removal System might seem up there, but the diode laser that is absorbed by the pigments in hair and the heat from the laser inhibits new growth would cost you about $1000 at the doctor.  Use it on small areas like the bikini line or under your arms once a month for six months to get the best results.  DO NOT USE THIS ON THE FACE OR NECK.

Price: $395

To Tone & Firm Up Skin

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The NuFace Facial Toning System delivers a low level electrical micro current to the muscles under the skin.   It can help increase muscle tone and make skin appear tighter when used about five minutes a day for three months.  Want to know it if works?  Ask Leigh Ann.  She uses it.

Price: $295



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