10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2011



The Boston based group, World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH), has released their most dangerous toys of 2011.  Some are obvious; others not so much.

Shrinky Dinks

shrinky  1321458591 4434 10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2011

The package warns of electrocution and burns.  WATCH says, “A product with so many inherent hazards does not lend itself to use in a home environment with children.”

Sword Fighting Jack Sparrow

jack sparrow  1321459359 4398 10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2011

The action figure’s art has a rigid, plastic sword that moves with the push of a lever, according to WATCH. No warnings are in the package for possible eye injuries, the organization said.

‘Gigan’ Godzilla Figure

godzilla  1321458591 0291 10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2011

Pointed wings and sword hands make this one dangerous.  WATCH said, “”Such unforgiving, plastic protrusions present the potential for penetrating and impact injuries.”

Twist ‘n Sort

twist  1321458591 0801 10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2011

WATCH noted that the the small pegs on three of the four posts can detach, which poses a choking hazard to young children.

Power Rangers Samurai Mega Blade

power rangers  1321458591 7301 10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2011

This toy is available almost everywhere tells kids to pull a release and open up a plastic sword that extends up to 2 feet.  WATCH says it can cause major facial injuries.

Fold and Go Trampoline

trampoline  1321458591 8364 10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2011

WATCH point to the instructions which tell people to only do “controlled bounces.” WATCH said the “many hazards associated with trampoline use should make it apparent to manufacturers and retailers that such equipment should not be sold as a playtime activity for young children.”

Pulling Animal Duck

pull toy  1321458591 0639 10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2011

The 33″ string is a potential choking hazard for kids 1 year and older.

School Bus

school bus  1321458591 4054 10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2011

The rubber tires, which are on plastic wheels, can be removed, presenting the potential for choking, according to WATCH.

Z-Curve Bow

bow  1321458591 4634 10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2011

The bow claims to shoot the foam arrows more than 125 feet, which WATCH says can harm people standing closer than that maximum distance.

Stepper ‘Low Rise” Stilts

stilts  1321459270 4014 10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2011

WATCH said: “The manufacturer provides no warnings or cautions. The instruction on the throw-away tag invites children, as young as five years old, to ‘[j]ust step on the platform, pull the ropes up tight, and begin to walk around’ while balancing on top of the cups.”


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