Lite’s Review Room: New Year’s Eve & Shame

Two movies out this week that appeal to different crowds. One focus on a large group of people looking to ring in the new year while the other looks at one person trying to find a new girl.

We’ll let Julie Fisk, our Queen of the Silver Screen, handle both reviews at once this week.

There are two very different movies out this weekend. One bad movie that’s fun to watch and one good movie that’s simply painful. First we have “New Year’s Eve,” where big name stars converge on New York to watch the ball drop. When you’re spending all your cash on big names like Robert De Niro, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, & Sarah Jessica Parker, you’re going to have to skimp somewhere and in this case, it’s the writing. This movie is shallow, predictable and just plain stupid. Plus, the acting is inconsistent at best. Can we all just agree that Jon Bon Jovi is NOT an actor? Yet I still kind of liked “New Year’s Eve.” I’m giving it a C because it never takes itself too seriously and if you don’t like one storyline, another will be along soon. Like one written expressly for over-40 women who’ve had “thoughts” about Zac Efron. Yes, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

           Also out is “Shame,” starring Michael Fassbender as a man grappling with his sex addiction. You will be hearing a great deal about this movie during awards season, mostly because of Fassbender and his searing performance. Like the movie itself, he is stark and complex, at times both beautiful and ugly. A Best Actor nomination for him is not a stretch, but this is a movie about a sex addict, so almost every scene contains sex in its lowliest and saddest forms. I was cringing through the majority of “Shame,” and not just because of the sex. There are several uncomfortable scenes, including one where Cary Mulligan sings “New York, New York” in a lounge. It seriously seemed to go on for about 45 minutes and that’s why I’m also giving “Shame” a C. In fact, I can only recommend this movie to those who wish to see every Oscar yorth performance this year. Or to those who want to see Michael Fassbender naked because there is PLENTY of that.   




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