Tips For Holiday Tipping

We get so bogged down with buying gifts for family and friends, that sometimes we might forget the folks that we see everyday who make our lives so much easier. But what should you give the lawn service, your hairdresser, or the mailman? Here’s a great guide for tipping Santa’s little helpers.

1. Your Gardener

gardener photo by windsor wiehahngetty images Tips For Holiday Tipping

Photo by Windsor & Wiehahn/Getty Images

If the same person tends to your yard every week, you’ll want to give them a $20 to $50 tip. If your lawn service sends a different person out each week, don’t worry about tipping.

2. Your Barber, Hairdresser, and Manicurists

hairdresser photo by allison michael orensteingetty images Tips For Holiday Tipping

Photo by Allison Michael Orenstein/Getty Images

If you see the same person every time you get your hair or nails done, a good rule of thumb is to either double your normal tip or leave a tip equivalent to the cost of one session.

3. Your Babysitter

babysitter photo by photodiscgetty images Tips For Holiday Tipping

Photo by Photodisc/Getty Images

One or two night’s pay is a good tip to leave for your regular babysitter; a gift card has a personal touch if you know their interests. If you have a full-time nanny, suggests somewhere between a week or a month’s pay should be budgeted for both a gift and a tip. Get them something nice like a designer purse.

4. Your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

dog walker photo by gk hartvikki hartgetty images Tips For Holiday Tipping

Photo by GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

For those who look after your four-legged children, one or two weeks pay is pretty generous.

5. Your Mailman or Package Delivery Driver

mailman photo by kim steelegetty images Tips For Holiday Tipping

Photo by Kim Steele/Getty Images

What can you give the guy who puts your bills in the mailbox? Not cash, but you can give your mailman a gift that is worth about $20. FedEx drivers aren’t allowed to accept cash or gifts worth more than $75. UPS doesn’t have a gift policy.

Don’t forget!

barista photo by jose luis pelaezgetty images Tips For Holiday Tipping

Photo by Jose Luis Pelaez/Getty Images

You won’t want to forget your favorite yoga teacher, grocery checkout person, or coffee shop barista.

Check out and for more tips on tipping for the holidays.


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