Jimmy Kimmel Challenges Parents To Ruin Christmas

Back in October Jimmy Kimmel challenged parents to say they ate their kids Halloween candy and post the reactions on YouTube.   Well he’s at it again and this time he’s trying to ruin Christmas.  And parents are more than happy to oblige.

Was this funny or just bad taste?


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  1. Cathy Chaney says:

    This was the most despicable thing I have ever seen an adult do to children at Christmas or any other time. What kind of person, must less a parent, would do this to their child as any kind of joke. Some of those children will never get over the emotional scar that their parent has inflicted upon them by doing this awful prank. Their are too many children in the world that will not get a gift of any kind. Then an effluent, dumb, parent plays a cruel prank on their child simply to get a laugh on national TV show. I think it is the worst thing I ever saw! I for one would like to slap Jimmy Kimmel face for even suggesting something like this. Cruel, Cruel, Please post my email. I will never watch Jimmie Kimmel Live again! He is the worst!!!
    Talk about “Stealing Christmas Joy”!

    1. Shari says:

      OMG! Lighten up woman! Children are resilliant, and will not really remember the prank gift once the real gifts are opened. It does go to show you how spoiled children are… If there are children in the U.S. that are not getting any type of gift, it is because their parents aren’t taking advantage of all the programs out there. There is no reason at all aside from pride that a child will go without a Christmas present. I thought the prank was humorous.

      1. Cathy says:

        Well you are just part of the group of people that get their kicks from seeing children or other less fortunate hurt. The children will remember the prank believe me they were all old enough they will remember and they will remember who played the prank on them…their parents! Christmas Memories should be of beautiful moments and not pranks!!!!

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