11 Things Banned In 2011

It seems like this year has been the Year of the Ban. Naysayers haven’t been this busy since the McCarthy Era. Some of the things banned this year have been down right ridiculous. From babies to brown bag lunches, Yahoo! Shine compiled list of the items banned in 2011.

1 Babies and Young Kids

crying baby photo by photoaltoale venturagetty images 11 Things Banned In 2011

Photo by PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura/Getty Images

It started in June with Malaysia Airlines banning infants from their first class flights. The hospitality industry wasn’t too far behind. By July, babies and unruly toddlers were unwelcome in some restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, and other businesses.

2 Baby Photos

newborn photo by jiang d photographygetty images 11 Things Banned In 2011

Photo by Jiang D photography/Getty Images

One place where babies are welcome is where your camera is not. A Maryland hospital in January restricted camera-happy family members from snapping pics of newborns in their first 5 minutes of life. They claimed it was distracting.

3 Elton’s Baby Photos

108603783 11 Things Banned In 2011

Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

One happy set of [celebrity] parents showing off their baby was censored by an Arkansas grocery store in January. Elton John & partner David Furnish posed for the cover of Us Magazine to show off their baby, and this innocent cover was put behind a “family shield.”

4 Brown Bag Lunches

screen shot 2011 12 14 at 8 29 32 am 11 Things Banned In 2011

Photo by C Squared Studios/Getty Images

In April, a Chicago public school put a stopper on kids bringing lunches from home. The kids could eat the school lunch or nothing at all. The school says it’s healthier. Parents didn’t like the decision, citing unreasonable lunch prices. It’s cheaper to send last night’s lasagna to school with Junior than pay $2.25 for mystery meatloaf.

5 Service Animals

service dog photo by lawrence migdalegetty images 11 Things Banned In 2011

Photo by LAWRENCE MIGDALE/Getty Images

A Virginia school told the parents of a boy with epilepsy that the service dog trained to save his life was not welcome in the classroom. The school claimed concerns about who would handle the animal as well as the dog being a distraction among many other claims in an effort to keep the dog off school grounds.

6 Baggy Pants

Pants on the ground! Pants on the ground! Schools from Pennsylvania to Florida say you look like a fool with your pants on the ground. Orlando actually passed a law that suspended students with droopy drawers that exposed their underwear or anatomy.

7 Bold Hair & Makeup

goth girl photo by robert ellisgetty images 11 Things Banned In 2011

Photo by Robert Ellis/Getty Images

Florida came down hard on students this year. In addition to the baggy breeches ban, students were not allowed to have “extreme, unnatural hair color” or “bold” makeup. The decision claimed that these particular fashions were distracting.

8 Teacher-Student Facebooking

113888441 11 Things Banned In 2011

Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Social media can be a world of trouble for politicians and celebrities on most days, but Missouri lawmakers made an effort to keep the trouble out of their schools. Teachers were forbidden from accepting friend requests from students. One teacher raised a fuss as the law forbade her from contacting her own son via Facebook.

9 Airbrushing

professional makeup photo by renzogetty images 11 Things Banned In 2011

Photo by Renzo/Getty Images

The British Advertising Standards Authority banned a couple of makeup ads this year. The ads were believed to be “too airbrushed.” Ads featuring Julia Roberts and Christie Turlington received complaints that the retouched would be misleading as to the actual results of using the makeup products.

10 Tanning Teens

tanning photo by simon wilkinsongetty images 11 Things Banned In 2011

Photo by Simon Wilkinson/Getty Images

Here’s a ban that may have got it right this year. California lawmakers passed a law prohibiting teens under the age of 18 from using tanning beds. The measure was intended to cut back the instances of skin cancer.

11 Happy Meal Toys

happy meal photo by nico kaigetty images 11 Things Banned In 2011

Photo by Nico Kai/Getty Images

San Francisco parents will now have to shell out an extra dime for the toys in kids meals. Lawmakers prohibited fast food restaurants from enticing children with toys in meals marketed for children.


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