Justin Bieber Never Believed In Santa Claus

One of the delights of childhood Christmases is the anticipated visit from Santa Claus. Not for [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Bieber[/lastfm]. In a recent interview with AOL Music, the teen pop star reveals that his mom told him from the start that there was no Santa.

“My mom always told me there wasn’t a Santa. This was her logic: She thought if I grew up knowing about Santa then finding out he wasn’t real, that it would be like she was lying to me. And then when she told me about God, I maybe wouldn’t believe her. So she just wanted to be straight-up and honest with me all the time,” Bieber says.

Not to worry. Bieber never spoiled the secret of Santa for any of his friends, “I didn’t tell my friends or ruin it for anyone — I was a good kid!”

Bieber also reveals his family’s Christmas tradition. A roll of dice landed Justin with pots and pans instead of the coveted Game Boy. Worst. Christmas present. Ever.

On the converse, his favorite Christmas present was his first bicycle sans training wheels. “It took me a little bit to learn how to ride it; I banged myself up, but I learned,” Bieber shares.

Bieber will be heading back to Canada to spend Christmas with his mom and his dad’s families.

Check out AOL Music for more about Justin’s Christmas memories.


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