Fun Christmas Facts To Impress Friends & Family

Don’t get stuck in an awkward pause this Christmas. Keep the conversations rolling at Christmas gatherings by dropping some festive facts. You’ll impress your friends and family with you Yule knowledge.

The biggest Christmas gift ever was the Statue of Liberty. The French gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States in 1886. The 152.5 feet tall, 225 ton Lady Liberty quickly became a symbol of freedom, welcoming immigrants to New York.

“Xmas” isn’t as sacrilegious as everyone seems to think. “X” is the Greek letter Chi, which can be used as a shorthand for Christ.

7 in 10 dogs get spoiled with Christmas gifts from their owners every Christmas. They are our four-legged family members, so why not?

Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” as sung by Bing Crosby is the best selling Christmas song of all time.

Thanks to international time zones, Santa Claus has 31 hours to deliver presents to the children of the world.

Last year, the average American budgeted $677 for gifts. By comparison, the UK’s budget was $617, Germany $351, and France $476.

Caroling came from an Old English custom of Wassailing. Wassail comes from Old Norse “vas heill” which means “to be of good health.” So when you go around your neighborhood singing Christmas carols, you’re wishing your neighbors good health in addition to a Merry Christmas!

Frankincense is the sweetly scented resin that comes from some Boswellia trees. During Biblical times, these trees grew in Arabia, India, and Ethiopia. Frankincense was considered to be as valuable as jewels and precious metals. It was also burned at Roman altars and ceremonies.


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