Maria & Arnold Reunited?

Might this iconic couple reunite? If so, this could indeed be the story of the year.

Could happier days be here again?

Sources have told TMZ, and in a report from the UK Daily Mail, the word is, Maria Shriver may actually be considering taking Arnold Schwarzenegger back!

Maria filed the divorce papers this past summer after Arnold admitted he fathered a child with their maid 14 years ago, but now things have apparently changed.

Arnold has been very kind and attentive to her over the past few months, particularly during the holidays. He has professed his repentence and asked forgiveness.

Maria is a devout Catholic, and the faith does not approve of divorce readily. She has reportedly said she is having second thoughts now.

They have been seen together in various settings: at church, in restaurants, even sharing a favorite hair salon. It looks promising. Both Maria and Arnold have been remaining amicable for the sake of their kids, too.

They have 25 years of marriage history, and Maria may be wanting to salvage and restore it. Arnold certainly wants to.

The couple are also parents to two daughters: 21-year-old Catherine and Christina, 20.


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