99 Year Old Man Divorces Wife Of 77 Years Over Affair!

Sad story to report. A 99-year old man in Italy was rifling through the old hope chest and found proof of a 60+ year old hidden affair his wife of 77 years had had in the 1940s.

He’s REALLY not happy about it.

He found the sordid proof of the affair just before Christmas. My guess is, he said “Ho Ho Ho!” She replied: “What? What? What?” Kidding.

He is only identified as Antonio C, and his wife is Rosa C…that’s all we know about them. He demanded a divorce.

She confessed and was tearful, but Antonio won’t let it go.

The reason we know: this info was all found in court papers just filed in Rome.

They have five children, a dozen grandchildren and one great-grand child. Must be tough on the 75 year old “KIDS“.


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  1. Althea says:

    This is a sad story. But then again, you will never know the intensity of the ‘blow ups’ that followed after the discovery. Perhaps, she said some things that just made him ultimately believed that the 77 years that they were together ‘felt like a fraud’. After 77 years, and the fact that it has occured many decades ago, marriage counseling could have possibly saved the marriage. You will never know what really happened. But then again, you also have to look at what the marriage was like before the discovery–maybe, they lived together with a loveless commitment, and just stayed married for one reason or another–many marriages in the past stayed intact for various reasons; economic dependency, societal, cultural and familial expectations, for instance. As a marriage therapist, I see many seemingly perfect couples in the outside, until they start talking about their issues–and I’d say, ‘you would never have guessed’. Marriage is both beautiful and ‘a cross to bear’. There is a thin line between love and resentment.

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