21 Ways To Use Your Dishwasher Other Than Cleaning Dishes

Right now we’re all about multipurpose machines.  Anything that can perform the function it supposed to plus a multitude of other tasks is a winner to us.  We found 21 different things your dishwasher can be used for.  Leigh Ann and Julie use the dishwasher on a daily basis.  Now if only Leigh Ann could figure out one way to use that other box across her kitchen that gets so hot; she thinks it’s called an oh-ven.

1. Clean kids’ toys. From Legos to rubber duckies, all of your children’s toys can be run through your dishwasher to kill germs and bacteria. (There are some unimaginably nasty things growing on some of those GI Joes …)

2. Cook salmon. I know, I know, it sounds crazy, right? Place the salmon filets on two sheets of aluminum foil. Squeeze on some lemon juice and pat on a little butter. Seal the fish tightly in the foil and place the filets on the top rack. Do not add dishwashing soap. Set the dishwasher on the hottest wash and dry cycle, and let it run through a full cycle. When the cycle is complete, the fish will be cooked just right.  Maybe this will get Leigh Ann cooking?

4. Wash baseball hats. Baseball hats can get extremely smelly. When run through the clothes washer, they lose their shape. However, placed on the top rack of your dishwasher they’ll come out stink-free and perfectly in shape. 

5. Use it as storage space. Ever struggle with where to store your Tupperware? It’s too oddly shaped to fit in a drawer and it takes up too much shelving space in the cupboard. For anyone in need of a little more kitchen-cabinet space, this is the perfect spot for storing your plastic containers.

6. Clean pets’ toys. Man’s best friend deserves a germ-free plastic hot dog to chomp on. Run your pet’s chew toys through the dishwasher to ensure your pet (and floor) have exemplary hygiene.

7. Sparkle up shoes. Your rubber shoes could probably use a good cleaning. Run a wash with a little baking soda added to clean your footwear and simultaneously get rid of any residual gunk in your dishwasher. Boom double purpose.

8. Degrease car parts. Forget ruining your manicure scrubbing away at road grime and tire oil on your hubcaps and wheel covers. Run your hubcaps and wheel covers in the dishwasher on the pots-and-pans cycle for shiny roll to your ride.

9. Shine up tools. Hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches get oily and rusty. Cycle them through the dishwasher to return them to their original shiny state. (Just remember to leave the electric ones behind.) 

10. Freshen up sports gear. From shin guards to knee pads, sports equipment gets sweaty and smelly fast and can lose shape in the washing machine. Throw equipment in the dishwasher for a reek-free game. 

11. De-germ your dustpan. Your dustpan is one of the dirtiest pieces of cleaning equipment in the house. Run it through the dishwasher to kill the all the germs and dust it collects.

12. Get the gunk off bobby pins and hair ties. From oily tresses to product overload, hair accessories need to be cleaned often. Run your combs, brushes, ties, barrettes, and hairpins through the dishwasher for gunk-free hair.

13. Give your toothbrush a good scrub. Toothbrushes are a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and viruses. While most dentists advise rinsing them with hot water on a daily basis, a weekly run through the dishwasher can ensure your teeth, gums, and mouth are receiving the best care possible. 

14. Beautify your makeup brushes. Makeup brushes collect oils, product residue, and bacteria that can lead to clogged pores and acne. Run them through the dishwasher for clean brushes and clear skin. 

15. Light covers. Light fixtures with glass covers tend to collect a large amount of dust. Remove the cover and run it through the wash to get some sneeze-free light. Just avoid any fixtures that are antique, enameled, or painted. 

16. Scour refrigerator shelves. Refrigerators can get stinky, real quick. It’s laborious and tough to scrub each individual shelf and drawer. Throw them in the dishwasher to get them shiny and stank-free.  Plus you get to eat all the stuff you had to take out!

17. Resuscitate your keyboard. Electronics and water don’t normally mesh, but if you spill something on your keyboard and it stops working, just throw it on the top rack and run a rinse cycle only.  The the keyboard air dry and hope it works.  Don’t do this if you have a laptop. 

18. Get the funk out of kitchen sponges. They even make sponges now that are made to be put in the dishwasher.  This helps the funk that seems to collect daily on those handy helpers.

19. Wash Potatoes. Instead of standing over the sink scrubbing all morning on Thanksgiving, imagine how much easier making mashed potatoes will be if you just run your potatoes through the wash.  Make sure to still cook them before mashing them up.

20. Spiff Up Your Garden Tools. Shovels, shears, pruners, and hoes are meant to get dirty. However, a routine cleaning will ensure your garden tools last a lifetime.  Even though we haven’t figured out how to get the shovel in there yet.

21. Make it a dish strainer. Many people who live alone or with one other roommate choose to simply hand wash dishes instead of using their dishwasher. In this case, the dishwasher makes an excellent storage space for air-drying dishes. Run a bit of bleach or baking soda through it every so often to keep it clean and fresh.

Source: Divine Caroline


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