Your Gas Gauge Tells You More Than When You’re Running On Empty

It’s something that you probably don’t notice on most days, but it trips you up when it’s time to fill up the gas tank. You can never remember which side of you car your gas tank is, so you play gas station ballet to get your car pulled to the correct pump.

Rumors have long abounded that the handle of the gas tank icon pointed to the gas tank. Like a car industry secret shrouded in mystery, no one knew and not many noticed. Most people simply had to remember which side of the car the tank was on.

It’s no longer a secret. There is an indicator on your dashboard instrument panel that tells you exactly where your gas tank is located, so you never have to second guess when pulling into the filling station.

Take a look at your gas gauge the next time you get in the car. Do you see the little arrow next to the gas tank icon? That little arrow points to the side of the car your gas tank is located. Arrows that point to the left indicate the gas tank is on the driver side of the car, and likewise, arrows the point to the right show the tank on the passenger side.

Check your car to see if you have this neat feature, it’s true for some cars, but not true for all.


One Comment

  1. Tom says:

    Some cars have just the gas pump icon and not the arrow. If they just have a pump icon then the side the handle is on in the icon is the side the tank is on.

  2. Tom says:

    Some gas pump icons have a handle but no arrow. The side with the pump handle is the side with tank.

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