Feel Younger In 5 Easy Steps

You are only as old as you feel. You’re doing good if you feel like a spry 25-year-old, however, if you’re feeling closer to 95, then maybe you need to roll back the clock a bit. Health.com has some great tips for turning back the hands of time.

Beauty Sleep Isn’t Just For Sleeping Beauty

83821596 Feel Younger In 5 Easy Steps

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Sleep is when your body takes time to repair itself. If you’re only getting 6 hours of sleep each night, then you’re not doing yourself any favors. Build a habit of going to bed earlier and getting 8 hours of sleep. If you’re worried about missing your favorite late night shows, that is why they invented TiVo.

Be Ab-Fabulous

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Focus on working out your core and lower body rather that just focusing on your arms and chest. Battling the bulge in the middle will make you feel better about your appearance, and stronger legs will make you feel lighter on your feet.

Break Out Of Your Routine

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Even if you’re doing everything right, eating healthy and exercising, the same old thing can make you feel old and stale. Change it up a bit. Grab a bagel instead of a muffin. Get coffee from a different place. Just changing one little thing will make your day seem new. It’s just as they say, “Variety is the spice of life.”

Don’t Just Stand There, Bust A Move

Those smart folks over at Harvard suggest listening to music from 20 years ago. Their research says that people feel happier and healthier when exposed to music and memorabilia from their youth. Listen to some musical sunshine from your youth!

Treat Your Self

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There are people that go a little wild trying to stay looking young, but as long as you don’t go overboard, there’s nothing wrong with a nip here, a tuck there, or a day at the spa. A little something for yourself will help you feel happier, which makes you look younger!


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