New York Fixes Mis-Spelled “Shcool X-ing” Sign

The city of New York is trying to correct its embarrassing spelling of the word “School” that it used on the street outside a building that houses two high schools and a middle school.

Apparently the person in charge of sign making needs some more “Shcool”-ing.

Apparently the person in charge of sign making needs some more “Shcool”-ing. Read The Story

The sing was created with industrial “textured tape” that permanently stick to asphalt. It was ripped from the pavement on Monday, after the New York post reported the spelling error.

The error had been on the pavement in front of the School since July of 2012, and authorities have blamed the blunder on a clueless contractor. Also I’d like to point out that there is no spell check button in construction.

r shcool sign large570 New York Fixes Mis Spelled Shcool X ing Sign

The Street In Question

Rene Anaya, the assistant principal at Lower East Side Preparatory HS said, “One of the teachers said to me, ‘I’m busy grading papers in the school. I’m not grading the city on their spelling.”

Only the wrongly placed “H” and “C” were ground down and repositioned. The S, two O’s and the L were left untouched.

One worker jokingly told the New York Post, “We know how to spell ‘school’!”

Well they do now.


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