Man’s Stolen iPad Sending Pictures To His Computer

It only takes a second. You set something down and turn your attention elsewhere, and just like that someone can walk off with something you value. While returning to DFW Airport from a recent business trip, Ken McClellan set his iPad 2 down on his carry on while picking up his luggage at baggage claim. When he turned, it was gone, and he thought that was the end of it until this past weekend.

Ken McClellan is a big fan of Apple products. His computer is a Mac, he carries an iPhone, and he has an original iPad in addition to the missing iPad 2. With all those Apple products, having an iCloud account helps keep them all in sync. Through the internet, you can access iTunes, emails, and even pictures from any of the connected devices.

Imagine McClellan’s surprise when iCloud sends him pictures of people he doesn’t know. The pictures were taken on the missing iPad 2. There’s no telling where the pictures were taken, but that didn’t stop McClellan from enlisting the help of social media to find his iPad. The pictures he posted to Facebook have gone viral being posted and shared across the web in hopes someone can identify the people in the pictures, who may or may not be in possession of the iPad, and get McClellan’s iPad back in his hands.

Can you identify the women in this picture?

img 0262 Mans Stolen iPad Sending Pictures To His Computer

Photo courtesy of Ken McClellan


One Comment

  1. Del Cody says:

    Looks like this was taken at the airport. Looks like one of the booth’s inside where they do shoe shines. Most likely someone from the airport (an employee). i did post these on my facebook page.

    Del C.

  2. Anthony p says:

    Did he try to locate the ipa in mobile me u can track where it is if it’s connected to the Internet

  3. hope this catches the dumb $%& that took it

  4. Lynne B. says:

    This morning a young lady said it was the victim’s fault for leaving his IPad. She also complained that the radio station posted the picture of the strangers on his IPad.

    It is never the victim’s fault. Ever. The person who stole the item is a thief. They broke the law and should be brought to justice. Those of us who would not consider stealing tend to be a little naive and not expect that someone would steal our belongings right out from under out nose. The people in the picture may not have stolen the item but they most likely know who did because they got it from somewhere and they are just as guilty as the thief if they don’t return it and tell everything they know about it.

    My feeling is that the person who complained this morning is somehow related to this incident and is trying to rationalize her actions or those of her friends.

    Thank you to KVIL for being proactive and helping someone in need to have a favorable ending to this unlawful act. His information is on that IPad. This could turn in to much more than just stealing an IPad. I hope the thief is found. Oh, and Facebook is a public forum so if you put your mug on there you deserve to be caught.

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