Science Reveals Women Can Park Just Fine

A study done in 2009 of a whopping 65 parkers found that women took longer and were less accurate at parking than their male counterpart. Well now a new study might be able to disprove that.

A scientific followup has used “covert surveillance” of 700 British parking lots and found a completely different answer than the original study of 65 parkers. Ladies still took more time to park then the men, but were more often in the middle of the parking space and found better spots. TAKE THAT!

Women were also more likely to back into spots, which is apparently the recommended method to parking. (Personally we prefer pulling through spots so it looks like we backed in, but who’s counting? Oh that’s right “covert surveillance”)

Researchers added up all the numbers into a parking coefficient and found that women beat men 13.4 to 12.3 (out of 20).

Granted this was a British study so we’re sure the men in our lives will bring that up next time they don’t like the way we parked. But hopefully the this will help to quell this myth.

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