FAA Says Fireball In Sky Was A Meteor

That’s right we had our very own meteor in the skies above Dallas last night.

News outlets received numerous reports Wednesday night from people who saw what appeared to be a fireball in the sky.

WFAA is reporting that many Texans heard booming sounds and saw a fireball streaking across the sky. It could be witnessed all the way from San Antonio to Oklahoma City.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has now confirmed that it was in fact a meteor.

A camera in Hawley, Texas caught the phenomenon last night:

metor FAA Says Fireball In Sky Was A Meteor

Stephanie Clingman described it as “Very bright blue across the sky…It looked so close, long tail…very cool.”

In Carrollton, James Gates said he “heard a light boom and my house lightly shook… then I heard dogs barking.”

Did you see the meteor last night? Tell us about it in the comments.


One Comment

  1. jz says:

    FAA needs to stop BS on this. It’s ok to admit something you don’t know. Just please don’t fool people around like we all don’t have any common sense.

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