Karl Lagerfeld Says Adele Is Too Fat

We respect Karl Lagerfeld. The Fashion industry icon knows what looks good, but man can this guy dish out a backhanded compliment.

Lagerfeld, the head designer and creative director for Chanel told Metro Paris Monday, “The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.

The 78-year-old knows everything about fashion, but we’re not sure how we feel about his idea of Adele’s body.

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One Comment

  1. Lea says:

    Seriously I used to Love Karl but now he went to the limits…That was a lame thing to say!! #GrossedOut!!!!!@!!

  2. Carol says:

    Karl is to old and looks like a decayed Qtip; AND HE CAN’T SING!!!!!!!

    1. Mirian says:

      LOL best thing ive heard, i agree 100 %

  3. Autumn says:

    Really? Sometimes I just don’t understand people. Wether you are a “style guru” or not, Adele has a beautiful face, beautiful voice, and an amazing look! She’s classy, smart, and never dresses outside her body type. What ever happened to loving someone for who they are and not what they look like? Do you always judge a book by its cover, or do you open it up and read it? I’m sorry, but as a fellow musician and singer, I do not picture what the person looks like when I’m listening to the radio. I listen to the words and message the song is portraying. Wether you’re a size 2 or 20, loving yourself for who you are is the most important thing. And I’m sure if you listen to how she pours her heart out through her music, she could probably care less about what some style junkie says. Oh and by the way, God made everyone different for a reason Karl. Her platinum albums speak volumes and I’m sure her bank account isn’t whining either! Adele: you go girl! You are amazing and your fans love you! Can’t wait to hear you at the Grammys!
    Oh and 103.7, yall rock too! 😉

  4. Theodore says:

    Well Karl,

    since you went there, you’re too old, too gay and too talentless…..

  5. Jakie says:

    Fashion icon??? what the heck is he even wearing???

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