5 Ways Look More Awake

With today’s fast-paced society, it’s really hard to get a decent night’s sleep. We’re supposed to get 8 hours, but many of us are lucky if we get 6. That lack of sleep leaves us looking like a zombie apocalypse. Here’s a few cheats to look like you slept like a baby without accidentally sleeping through your alarm.

Cold Shower

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Start with a cold shower. The cold water stimulates your circulation and gets your blood pumping. Just turning the temp down a couple of degrees will help you wake up.


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Give your skin a good scrubbing. Dead skin cells can leave you looking dull and ashen, but scrubbing those dead cells away can brighten your skin.


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Cutting corners with your sleep can cut back your skin’s ability to retain water. Drying out makes those fine lines all the more obvious.Using a moisturizer with a little self-tanner will also given your skin a sun-kissed glow.

Fight Bags With Bags

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Use old chilled tea bags to battle the bags under your eyes. The caffeine constricts blood vessels stomping the dark circles and the combo punch of tannins and the cool temp of the tea bag will help reduce the inflammation and puffiness.


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If you’re still looking puffy in places, get your body pumping away those extra fluids by doing a few jumping jacks followed by some deep breaths and repeat that a couple of times. Doing yoga also helps fight bloating, but the jumping jacks work in a pinch.


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