Teen & Tween Girls Asking The Internet ‘Am I Ugly’

Hey moms and dads out there, do you know what your teen girl might be trying to find out from the millions of people on the internet?  A new trend among teen and tween girls is to post a video on YouTube asking if they are ugly or pretty.  And relying on the comments and “likes” and “dislikes” for their answer. 

The issue was brought up on the TODAY show.   You can see their story here.

I don’t know if I want the trolls out there on the internet telling my little girl what is and isn’t attractive.  Here is one video put up by a young girl named Faye.

TODAY show contributor Dana Macario says this about the trend:

Dozens of tween and young teen girls have decided to poll the YouTube audience to find out how pretty or ugly Internet trolls think they are. The girls pose and flaunt, asking strangers to tell them if they’re cute. While the girls post videos with headlines reading, “Am I ugly?,” the main question for many viewers is whether these vulnerable girls should have such unrestricted Internet access. Please, check your kids’ YouTube accounts.

The key is to teach kids that it is not what people see on you or about how you look, but about your personality, who you are as a person, and it shouldn’t matter what other people think.  Whether you know them, or they are just surfing YouTube.


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