It’s Easy To Be Jennifer Aniston: It Only Costs $141K

Jennifer Aniston is arguably one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Did you realize she’s 43 years-old? Yeah, we know, she looks more like 23. Well how does she do it?

The ladies over at Shine on Yahoo did some research and found out just how much time and money (and it’s a lot) goes into Jen looking as good as she does.

Jen’s Skin Care: $1,186.95 per month

It includes the norms that we all use; facial bars, day creams, but the real money goes into her chemical peels and facials from Tracie Martyn Spa which can cost from $295-$450 each visit!

Jen’s Hair: $1000 per month

Jen visits her friend Chris McMillan who charges $600 per visit (just for the cut). Granted he invented “The Rachel” so we should all thank him for the 90’s hair style de jour.

Jen’s Makeup: $4402 per month

Jen’s total package of make-up would cost about $402. It’s the $4000 for celebrity makeup artist Angela Levin that runs up that total. Granted Jen doesn’t use Levin every day but once a month is about right.

Jen’s Eyebrows: $160 per month

Jen uses the brow guru Anastatia Soare to get that perfect shape. The first visit costs $120, only $80 for every other visit. We’re assuming Jen probably goes twice a month.

Jen’s Nose
: $9,000 per procedure

Jen’s had two confirmed plastic surgeries. Both are to her nose. Which looks amazing, so no complaining there.

Jen’s Tan: $90 per month

Jen doesn’t have that stunning glow naturally. She heads into Ibiza tanning Salon twice a month for a little airbrush that runs $45 a session.

Jen’s Body: $3600 per month

Jen’s got the time and the money to go the personal trainer route and she chooses yoga to sculpt that body. At $300 an hour and three hours a week, that is $900 week, $3600 a month to have those abs, legs and butt.

Jen’s Diet
: $2740 per month

Dietician Carrie Wiatt makes specific meals for Aniston. Though we don’t know exactly what the meals consist of they cost $385 a week just for the food. But we’re sure it’s delicious.

Add all of that up and you’re looking at around $12,000 a month to look like Jennifer Aniston and somewhere around $141,000 to maintain that look throughout the year. Granted if you’re getting paid around $10 million per job, you can afford it.

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