Julie DeHarty’s Lasagna Show Down In Restaurant

Julie DeHarty once had a really bad lasagna at an Italian restaurant. It didn’t look like lasagna. Julie went home and made her own lasagna and took it back to the restaurant manager to show them how lasagna is supposed to look like. Did Julie lay down the law of lasagna, or is she today’s Big Fat Liar?

David Rancken won’t quit a job; he’ll stay there until they change the locks on him. The one time he did quit a job he was working at a TV station in Houston. The owner’s wife smacked him up-side the head, and David turned and walked out.

Gene is embarrassed about his bicycle story. When he first got a 10-speed bicycle, he wasn’t familiar with the hand brakes. He started going pretty fast, and when he hit the brakes, he hit the front brake and went flying over the handle bar. His father decided to disconnect the front brake so that wouldn’t happen again.

Congrats to Peyton who identified Julie DeHarty as the Big Fat Liar! Peyton won tickets to Six Flags for Spring Break 2012, March 10th through March 18th!

Be sure to join us tomorrow at 7:30am CST for your next chance to play Big Fat Liar! You could win tickets to check out live bands and rockin’ coasters like “The New Texas Giant!”  It’s only once a year, so make your Spring Break more fun at Six Flags Over Texas, March 10th-18th.  Know the Big Fat Liar at 7:30am and the tickets are yours!  Or log on to sixflags.com.


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