Peyton Manning Is A Great Tipper

Waiters and Waitresses around the country are hoping that Peyton Manning decides to sign with their favorite NFL franchise, and it’s not for what he can do on the field.

No they are more interested in his tipping generosity.

peyton manning receipt Peyton Manning Is A Great TipperA waiter from the Angus Barn in Raleigh, N.C. let the whole world know just how great Peyton Manning treats his servers. It’s a good thing Peyton is a big tipper because the waiter was fired for posting the bill on the internet.

Manning and his party racked up a $625 dollar bill at the steak house on March 2, and with the 18% gratuity added by the restaurant that brought the bill to about $739. Manning decided to add an additional $200 on top (making a roughly 50% tip).

That’s right a night out on the town with Peyton includes a $1000 dinner, but its not like he doesn’t have the money.

The waiter of this huge tip was so excited he posted it up on the internet, which violated the restaurant’s privacy policy. The restaurant then terminated the server.

But does it really come as a surprise to anyone that Peyton Manning is such a good tipper. He comes off as such a nice guy. I think the most surprising thing about this story is that a restaurant with the name “Barn” in it’s title is so expensive.


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