Plano ‘Momprenuers’ Develop Test To Determine Baby’s Sex

Who needs science when your mom or grandma or the stranger at the grocery store can tell you what kind of baby you’re having just by the way you are carrying or what food you like to eat.   Well there have been too many rooms painted blue with the name “Joseph” hung on the wall only to change that name to “Josephine” after coming home from the hospital to know those old wives tales aren’t 100% accurate.

Well thanks to a couple of moms from Plano there is a much better, in-home way to find out what your having.

Rebecca Griffin and Teresa Garland were shocked when they realized no one had developed an in-home test to determine a baby’s gender.

“In the 17th century, the way they found out if a mom was pregnant was to have her pee on wheat and barley. If neither one grew, she wasn’t pregnant. If the barley grew, it was a boy. If the wheat grew, she was having a girl,” Griffin explained. “So we were like, ‘Aha! There is a difference!'”

So the two ladies hired a scientist to help them develop IntelliGender. The first in-home gender prediction test.  The duo wont release the details of how it works, but they claim it is 80% accurate as early as 10 weeks into pregnancy.

The real benefit is finding out the gender a full eight weeks before most sonograms will tell you.  And 80% seems a lot more accurate than salty foods = boy.


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