10 Illegal Baby Names

Did you not get approval for your the names you used for your children? Just a perk of living in America. In many countries the country has the right to refuse the use of names for children. Most of the rules are to try an protect the child. Just a downside to America we get celebrities naming their kids “Moxie Crimefighter” and other odd names. Here are 10 names from different countries that were not allowed.

1) Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii (New Zealand)

That is a name not a sentence. Well it is a sentence, but it was supposed to be a name. New Zealand law bans names which could cause offense to a ‘reasonable’ person. So this sentence falls under this category, the bad part is this name lasted 9 years of the girls life, until a judge forced a change during a custody battle.

Other New Zealand Names Turned Down: Fish and Chips (Twins), Yeah Detroit, Sex Fruit.
Names Allowed: Number 16 Bus Shelter and Violence

2) Venerdi (Translates to Friday) (Italy)

In 2008 courts banned parents from naming their kid Venerdi (Friday).  A judge believed the name, taken from ‘Robinson Crusoe’, would cause mockery for the boy.  The parents threatened to use the name Mercoledi (Wednesday) for their next child.

Other Italy Names Turned Down: Andrea (changed to Emma because Andrea is a boys name in Italy), Dalmata (means Dalmation)

3) Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (Sweden)

This is pronounced ‘Albin’, obviously, and was rejected back in 1996.  The parents tried to pass the name as a protest to the extremely strict naming laws in Sweden.  Tax authorities must give their blessing for both first and surnames before they can be used.

Other Swedish Names Turned Down: Metallica, IKEA, Veranda and Q.

Swedish Names Allowed: Google

4) Gesher (Translates to ‘Bridge’) (Norway)

In 1998 a woman was thrown in jail for two days when she didn’t pay a fine for giving her son an ‘unapproved’ name.  Kristi Larsen said she was instructed in a dream to name her son Gesher (Hebrew for ‘Bridge’).  Gesher was Kristi’s 14th child.

Other Names Norway Has Turned Down: Many many many, anything with swearing, sex or illness are not allowed.

5) Chow Tow (Translates to ‘Smelly Head’)(Malaysia)

Malaysian law has tons of laws against names.  They are very strict.  Most of them banned for not keeping with the religious traditions of the country, such as Chow Tow.

Other Names Malaysia Has Turned Down: Ah Chwar (‘Snake’), Khiow Khoo (‘Hunchback’), Sor Chai (‘Insane’).

6) @ (China)

One couple went the Prince route trying to name one of the Billion people of China the @ symbol.  And because the police have control over all names given many are often rejected.

7) Miatt (Germany)

The Standesamt decides if any name in Germany is suitable.  It’s an entire department of the government.  Miatt didn’t make the cut because it was not identifiable for a boy or a girl.  (If it was a boy, just remove one of the vowels and you’ll be fine)

Other Names Germany Has Turned Down: Stompie, Woodstock and Grammphon

Names Germany has allowed: Speedy, Lafayette and Jazz

8) Anus (Denmark)

Anus falls under the some 250-odd names that get rejected every year in Denmark.  Parents actually get a list of 7,000 odd names to choose from by the government.  You must get special permission to go off the list.

Other Names Denmark Has Turned Down: Pluto and Monkey

9) Ovnis (Portugal)

Portugal has an 80 page government document that lists what kind of names you can and can’t use.  Thomas is fine, but don’t use Tom.   Ovnis, which means UFO doesn’t make the cut either.

Other Names Portugal Has Turned Down: They have a list of 2,000 names on their reject list.  Celebrity kids like Apple and Brooklyn wouldn’t make it in Portugal.

10) Akuma (Translates to ‘Devil’) (Japan)

In 1993 a father named his child Devil.  Courts stepped in and decided it was an abuse of the parent’s right to name a child.  The dad backed down and gave the child a less demonic name.

Other Names Japan Has Turned Down: All names must use on of the government’s 2,232 ‘Name Kanji’ characters.  If it doesn’t, it gets the boot.

While it seems a little odd to us that the Government would have a say in a child’s name, I’m sure many of the kids listed above are more than grateful.

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