5 Reasons The Hunger Games Will Be Bigger Than Twilight

Over the past week we have brought you why The Hunger Games will and will not be bigger than Harry Potter. Well we here at Lite think that Katniss Everdeen is so resourceful she can slay vampires and werewolves.

Here are 5 Reasons The Hunger Games Will Be Bigger Than Twilight

5. Arrows! Explosions! Death!

Hunger Games has something for everyone, it has action, it has great storytelling, it has complex characters, and it has a love triangle. “From the tracking I’ve seen, the film has much broader appeal than the Twilight films, both in terms of age, and of gender,” Bruce Nash of the box-office-data site The Numbers said in an email. Where as Twilight is about Bella’s relationship, and team Edward or Team Jacob, the love story in The Hunger Games is one element to complex story arc.

4. Imax

The Hunger Games is showing at 270 Imax theaters out of some 4,000 total screens. The original Twilight didn’t show at any Imax theaters, and, hence, didn’t sell any pricey Imax tickets. And considering the Imax showings, for opening weekend, for The Hunger Games sold out weeks ago it should account for a considerable percentage of the films total earnings.

3. It May Have Already Opened Bigger Than Twilight

Fandango has stated that The Hunger Games has sold more advance tickets than any other non-sequel film ever. It has way outpaced the start of the Edward-Bella saga.

2. It May Hit $100 Million in Its First Three Days

At this point, that may be a low-ball estimate. The first Twilight, by comparison, grossed a then-stunning $70 million in its Friday-Sunday debut. The Hunger Games is expected to crush that figure. We could be looking at the biggest opening film for any movie ever.

1. Forget Twilight, It May Open Bigger Than Breaking Dawn

Considering the most recent Twilight movie broke out the fifth-biggest opening weekend in Hollywood history, this would seem an impossible feat for The Hunger Games except for the fact that The Hollywood Reporter says polling data suggests it is possible. This would be unprecedented. As it stands now the top 5 biggest opening weekends of all time are all sequels. No first in a series has even come close to making this list. What does this say for the 3 planned Hunger Games sequels


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