Downgrade Your Facebook Friends

Facebook is confusing. ‘Do I add that guy I had third year English with in High School as a friend’? Well Facebook might just be making those choices a whole lot easier.

Facebook is trying to improve the relevance of people’s News Feeds with an update to its lists tool that will make it easier to make distant friends an ‘acquaintance’. People who get the acquaintance tag will still be listed as a friend but you won’t see as much of their content on your News Feed.

An acquaintance is described by Facebook as “Friends you want to see less of in News Feed.” Facebook will even help you point out who your acquaintances should be by suggesting people for the demotion based on your lack of interaction with that person.

If you have some people you’d like to relegate just go to your Friends List page and click on the ‘Acquaintances’ tab and watch those old high school friends, the guy at the coffee shop on the corner and your fourth cousin twice removed slowly fade away.

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