Lite’s Review Room – Mirror Mirror

Snow White was the first full length animated movie by the Walt Disney Company.  Now one of the classic stories of all time it gets a live action rendition of the story.

Our Queen of the Silver Screen Julie Fisk, a member of the DFW film critics association, took a peek at Mirror Mirror:
Mirror Mirror:

“Mirror Mirror” stars Julia Roberts as the wicked step-mother who is bent on  killing off the prettiest girl in her kingdom, so she can retain the title of Fairest of Them All.

“Mirror Mirror” is the first of 2 “Snow White and the 7 Dwarves” adaptations we’re going to see this year. This appears to be the lighthearted version, in the veins of “The Princess Bride.” You have your handsome prince played by the ridiculously gorgeous Armie Hammer. This man’s so handsome, even his voice is pretty. How does he do that? He has a sense of humor though and even gives his Prince a little depth. Lily Collins plays Snow White and though I didn’t buy it when she becomes a tough warrior princess, she certainly embodies the sweet, gentle Snow White of the fairy-tale.

[photogallerylink id=79081 align=left]The Seven Dwarves are adorable but I feel some real opportunities were missed with them. A heavier dose of humor and grit would have gone a long way. The real gem of “Mirror Mirror” is Julia Roberts’ performance as the Evil Queen. Julia is having so much fun that she appears to be one step ahead of a belly laugh through the whole movie.

It’s great to see her have a sense of humor about her age too because when Julia’s enjoying herself like this, she’s still stunning to look at. “Mirror, Mirror” is paper thin and it feels more like a snack before dinner than a satisfying meal so I’m giving it a B-.

I will enjoy sharing this one with my kids though. It’s rated PG and unlike that OTHER big movie in theaters right now, it won’t give the little ones nightmares.  


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