Woman Severely Allergic To Her iPhone Case

A British woman developed a rash so severe that she was unrecognizable to even her own mother after fitting her iPhone 4 with a Griffin FlexGrip Punch cover.

Doctors suggested the reaction may have been due to the silicone in the case.

Jenny Taylor, a 30-year-old marketing manager from Liverpool, noticed her face swelling after she put the new case on her iPhone. She developed a sticky yellow ‘phone-shaped’ sore on her cheek, and a rash which covered her face and neck.

With the first trip to the hospital she was given over-the-counter antihistamine tablets and sent on her way. When she woke the next morning her face had swelled so much she couldn’t open her right eye and could barely swallow.

When she returned to the hospital tests revealed Jenny had developed 13 skin allergies.

Here is Jenny’s account of the ordeal:

“My neck looked like a roll of sausages and I knew I definitely needed to go back to the doctors.You could literally see the shape of where the phone had been on my face, lots of little spots came up in the same area. You could see a distinctive mobile phone shape, there was no question of what it was. My mum didn’t recognize me at first, she gasped in shock when she saw me, she was appalled. She thought I’d stay like that forever. When I saw a new doctor they examined my throat and they got concerned when they couldn’t see down there.I couldn’t swallow properly, so the doctors booked me in to another hospital and told me to go there straight away.”

Doctors suggested her allergies could have been triggered by the silicone in her iPhone case.

You can read the rest of Jenny’s story and see the photos HERE.


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