Lite’s Review Room – American Reunion

American Pie was a coming of age movie for many teenagers, and now as those kids start families and careers, the old gang is getting back together. Julie Fisk, member of the DFW Film Critics Association and our Queen of the Silver Screeen, gets back together with the American Pie crew.

American Reunion

American Reunion stars Jason Biggs, Alison Hannigan and most of the original “American Pie” cast as they return home town for their 13th High School Reunion.
This is the 4th in the “American Pie” series and it appears they might have finally run out of sex and bodily function jokes. Jim, Kevin, Finch, Oz, and Stifler are home for their high school reunion but they’re all disappointed with their lives, their embarrassing jobs and their boring marriages.

Like Jim & Michelle, the young parents the movie focuses on, THIS American Pie feels exhausted and a shadow of its former self. It isn’t just raunchy and immature, it has completely run out of steam. It is kind of fun to revisit some of these characters, though none of them are aging particularly well. The once adorable Tara Reid is now so Botoxed her mouth barely moves. It’s like watching a ventriloquist who lost his doll.

I’m afraid I can’t give “American Reunion” anything higher than a D, and this is coming from a fan of blue humor. When they make the next American Pie movie (why would they stop now?) I hope they make it about Stifler & Jim’s Dad because Sean William Scott & Eugene Levy are the only things worth watching in this movie.

Also in theaters now is the 3D version of Titanic. James Cameron made a few minor changes to his classic, like the stars were adjusted after astronomers complained the sky looked nothing like that the night Titanic sank. Rose still doesn’t scooch over on that headboard though so the ending’s still the same. Come ON Rose, you couldn’t make ANY ROOM?


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