Lite’s Review Room – The Cabin In The Woods

“The Cabin In The Woods” is the next big thing to happen to the horror movie genre.

And Julie Fisk, member of the DFW Film Critics Association and our Queen of the Silver Screeen, saw what all the fuss was about.
“The Cabin in the Woods” is a horror movie about a bunch of kids who end up at a creepy cabin in the woods, but it goes leaps and bounds beyond that.

“The Cabin in the Woods” has been enjoying a “Blair Witch Project” type buzz ever since it premiered at SXSW last month, which is surprising for a movie that’s been completed & sitting on the shelf since 2009. Josh Whedon, who created the “Buffy the Vampire” series and Drew Goddard who worked on that series as well as “Angel” and “LOST,” wrote this film in response to the new breed of torture-porn movies that have gained popularity. They wanted to create a love-letter of sorts to the traditional scary movie, but to also make something completely different.

What Whedon & Goddard have created is a game-changer movie. “The Cabin in the Woods” is so fresh, so mind-blowingly creative; it’s going to change how people make scary movies. If there’s one convention Whedon & Goddard stuck with, it’s the scary-movie TWIST. “The Cabin in the Woods” goes a step further and offers a twist within a twist. I can’t really TELL you too much about the movie itself without giving too much away and believe me, you WANT to be surprised.

I can tell you that I’m giving “The Cabin in the Woods” an A, and that the only thing that kept it from being an A+ are some minor gripes about the ending. Believe me, they’re minimal. Just know that if you’ve ever loved a scary movie, ANY scary movie you’re going to love “The Cabin in the Woods.” Oh, and did I mention that it’s funny? Yes, I laughed more than I screamed, but there was plenty of both.


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