Lite’s Review Room: DIFF – “Hello I Must Be Going”

With the Dallas International Film Festival in town we’ve been seeing a lot of movies.  Here is a look at “Hello I Must Be Going”.

Hello I Must Be Going

At one point or another, we sometimes have to admit defeat in our own lives and head back to the nest and the comfort of our parents. In Hello I Must Be Going, Melanie Lynskey plays Amy, a 35-year old woman who moves back home fresh out of a divorce. Worn out on help and advice, her world gets turned upside-down by a bold teenage boy who helps her rebuild her confidence.

You might recognize Melanie Lynskey as the quirky obsessed neighbor from Two And A Half Men. Her role as Amy is far from the perky character she plays on TV. Amy is wallowing somewhere just above rock bottom with no motivation to change until a 19-year old boy waltzes into her life. Their unconventional romance sets Amy on the road to rebuilding her self-esteem. Lynskey’s performance is so intensely relatable as Amy that your heart goes right out to her. Blythe Danner is brilliant as Amy’s mother, turning in a performance that could be a mirror of your own mother. Christopher Abbott shines as the precocious Jeremy, with whom Amy is caught up in the whirlwind of a May-December romance.

Hello I Must Be Going was chosen as one of the Centerpiece Screenings for the 2012 Dallas International Film Festival. It was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize in Drama at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It’s a wonderful and refreshing that will strike a chord with anyone.

Leslie Hurst, The New 103.7 Lite FM

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