Lite’s Review Room: DIFF – “Mariachi Gringo”

With the Dallas International Film Festival in town we’ve been seeing a lot of movies. Here is a look at “Mariachi Gringo”.

Mariachi Gringo

Sometimes in the humdrum of life, you lose the flavor of the passion that drives you. In Mariachi Gringo, Edward is a young man living a rudderless life in a small Kansas town. When a former mariachi musician mentors Edward, he finds a passion that leads him from his small town to Guadalajara, Mexico.

This film is a wonderful Valentine to Mexican culture and music. Food and music permeate throughout the entire film and will have you salivating by the time the end of the film. The charming story showcases the beautiful city of Guadalajara like the most wonderful travel brochure. Shawn Ashmore gives a winning performance as Edward. He pulls you in to cheer for his character as he gums up the confidence following his dreams and passion to be a mariachi. Even when faced with what is waiting at home in Kansas, Ashmore’s performance shows a clear growth in Edward’s character as he journeys to fulfill his dreams.

Half in English and half in Spanish with subtitles, the dialogue isn’t hard to follow. In fact, the Spanish isn’t hard to follow if you have a basic understanding. Mariachi Gringo is a beautiful and winning movie that will have you humming on your way to a plate of enchiladas after the credits roll.

Leslie Hurst, The New 103.7 Lite FM


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