Godiva Launches Program To Honor Extraordinary Women

Legend has it that Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of Coventry, England in protest of her Lord husband’s unfair taxation of the people. Her generosity and sacrifice inspired the townspeople to close their shutters and stay indoors to preserve her modesty. This remarkable woman’s courage was noted, and the tax was lifted. In light of the legend, chocolate maker Godiva is launching the Lady Godiva Program to honor women  who are shining examples of selflessness, generosity, and leadership.

The first national honoree of the Lady Godiva Program is Lauren Bush Lauren, daughter of former President George W Bush and daughter-in-law of fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Her FEED Projects provided over 60 million school meals to children in 62 countries across the globe in partnership with the United Nation’s WFP.

You can get a special designer FEED 10 bag at Godiva stores across the US, including the store at NorthPark. They make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift and go for a great cause.

FInd out more about the Lady Godiva Program by visiting ladygodivaprogram.com.


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