Carrie Underwood Debuts New Album “Live On Letterman”

Powerhouse singer Carrie Underwood had a special treat in store for New York country lovers Monday night (April 30). The evening before her album release, she performed for nearly an hour at Ed Sullivan Theater. Mixing her set with never before performed tracks from Blown Away as well as older fan favorites, Carrie demonstrated her unyielding vocals.

Clad in black shorts, a blue sequin top and sparkly black stilettos, she pranced around the stage telling the tales behind some of her biggest hits.

The show kicked off with current single “Good Girl.” While she had no elaborate costume change like demonstrated in her music video, her familiar belts impressed.

“I can see all of your faces, I love this theater!” Carrie said. “We’re going to keep it up-tempo tonight. This is a celebration. I have a new album coming out. Feel free to sing along. Feel free to dance like nobody’s watching.”

And that her fans did. The power ballad “Wasted” from her debut album struck a chord while new track “Nobody Ever Told You” equally left its mark.

“It’s such a joy to be able to play new music for you. This is the first time we’re doing this in front of people so don’t throw anything. Pretend like you like it,” she joked.

A track close to her heart, Carrie admitted she wrote “All-American Girl” about herself. “I’m one of three girls and I think my Dad was praying for a boy. But, I think he’s pretty happy about the way things turned out,” she said.

Changing the lyrics to “16 years later she was falling for the senior hockey star,” Carrie updated the track to fit her current life with NHL Nashville Predators player husband Mike Fisher.

The poignant “Jesus, Take the Wheel” followed with soaring pedal steel and fiddle accompaniment. Her favorite song to play, it was Carrie’s very first single off her debut album.

Throughout her set, Carrie effortlessly switched gears from the more sentimental to the more rowdy tracks. The gritty “Leave Love Alone” followed “Jesus, Take the Wheel” with a heart pounding drum beat and showcased a different side of the singer. Meanwhile, the popular “Cowboy Casanova” continued the high energy with bass heavy beats.

Before “Undo It” Carrie told the audience if she had it her way she’d take Steven Tyler on tour with her so they could perform the track together every night.

Carrie ended her set with the rocking new track “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun” off her album Blown Away and popular hit “Before He Cheats” but not before thanking the audience.

“It’s really wonderful to be here in New York to debut the songs. Thank you for allowing us that pleasure.”

– Annie Reuter CBS Local


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