Hollie Wows Judges And America On Idol

Hollie Cavanagh turned a corner. We’re not sure exactly why it took her so long to make such a magical impact on the 11th season of American Idol. Last night the McKinney teen did just that with performances of Tina Turner‘s “River Deep Mountain High” and “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis.

It really has been a roller coaster for Hollie this season. She came into the live shows on Idol as a favorite, with an amazing voice that was almost always right on. But she lacked a little bit of the stage presence of some of the other competitors like Skylar Laine and Phillip Phillips.

The judges got on Hollie a little bit for her lack of emotional connection with the songs and Hollie fell into the bottom three on multiple occasions, but was never eliminated.

Last night the contestants took on a hit from the 60’s and a British Pop hit. Hollie started with “River Deep Mountain High” and showed off her amazing voice and the personality that we knew she has. The judges praised her performance.

“It was a different type of Hollie out there tonight,” Jennifer Lopez said. “I could really feel you.”

Randy Jackson got confirmation from Steven Tyler and J-Lo that they loved her performance before confirming, “I loved it too.”

For her second song Hollie took on the more recent hit from Leona Lewis “Bleeding Love”. A different pace than her first song Hollie sat atop the piano that accompanied her and sang every piece of this song with feeling.

Near the end of the arrangement Hollie nailed a long sustaining note while backup singers sang the melody and it was so good you could hear the audience want to burst into applause right there.

“You’ve been a dark horse all season,” Randy Jackson said after the performance. “But I’m telling you something: You’re two for two tonight.”


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  1. LOL Re’ Hollie? Well, of Course she did Those two songs well – Considering SHE? Is as English as those songs both are; You see this is because Hollie? Is Mckinny’s AND Liverpool’s (her English home city’s) Hollie Cavanagh & English? To her fingertips – Why’s this you may ask? Well that’s simple to explain; I’m not sure If You know? But Hollie was Born & Lived in England for 9 years before going to the US to live which means not only is she not American herself at all (and whatever else she does or doesn’t do? She’ll ALWAYS be an Englishwoman by nationality by dint of being born here to Two English Parents) but further – Should Hollie win AI? then I think I’m right in saying She’ll set a number of firsts;

    And now? Hollie’s got a good chance of doing that with the WHOLE UK voting for her on top of all her US & other fans (something other contestants? Don’t have – WHY do you think she survived week in week out?). Anyway should Hollie win it? As I said – she’d set precedents or firsts in several areas I think; She’d be not just the First Girl to do so in about 6 years but the first Non-US person (By Nationality as she’s English) Ever to do so. And Hollie now? Has a Very good chance of winning it indeed…………

    Yay Hollie!! Go Holliepops!!! 🙂 Go WIN it Girl – We’re ALL cheering for you here back home. ONE more big step & you’re nearly there Hollie – Go Hollie!!! YNWA

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