Lite’s Review Room: The Avengers

It’s a super weekend to head to the theater and watch a super hero movie. Our very own super-hero Julie Fisk saw the latest super hero flick that hits theaters at Midnight Thursday.

The Avengers

“The Avengers” stars Robert Downey Jr., Scarlet Johansson, Chris Evans and several more as a band of super-heroes who join forces to protect Earth from an invasion.

I should come right out and tell you that I am NOT a fan of super-hero movies. I enjoyed the first Iron Man but the rest of the Avengers’ stories did little for me. There are several things though that this movie, like that first Iron Man, does very well. First of all “The Avengers” doesn’t take itself too seriously, giving most of the super-heroes a well rounded sense of humor about themselves.

They’re still incredibly tough but they’re not afraid to crack a joke or admit a fault. I’m especially thrilled about the treatment of The Hulk. It’s surprising to me that it took THIS LONG for filmmakers to see the humor in this guy. “The Avengers” also keeps the action at a constant pace, so you don’t have much time to dwell on plot holes or some of the cheesier special effects.

I love Scarlet Johansson’s “Black Widow” because even though she’s the only female Avenger in this film, she never shows a weakness or has to be rescued. I also love Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye because…well, because it’s Jeremy Renner and I’m onboard with anything that guy does. In fact, I was onboard with this whole movie and loved every single one of its 142 minutes. Yes, it’s THAT long but still worth it and that’s why I’m giving “The Avengers” a B+.

Remember, this is coming from a person who is NOT a fan of super-heroes. Those of you already wearing your Incredible Hulk Underoos will give it an A+ with a bullet.


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