NorthPark Center To Enforce New Teenage Curfew

A new policy will soon be in effect at NorthPark Center. Teenagers under the age of 17 must have an adult with them if they want to visit the mall after 6PM. It’s apart of a new code of conduct policy that went into action Wednesday.

Gone may be the days of just hanging out at the mall as a teenager. A new code of conduct intended to foster a more family-friendly environment will restrict mall visiting hours for unsupervised teens at NorthPark Center. Teens under 17 will be asked for ID by security and parents called if they are found to be at the mall after the 6PM curfew.

Some shoppers think the new policy is a bit tough, but other shoppers are in agreement with the policy. At times the mall can feel overrun with youngsters in groups creating an unruly atmosphere that takes away from other shoppers’ experience. For sympathizers, it’s a policy that seems to spoil the whole bunch for the actions of a few bad apples.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. J.C. Lynch says:

    Teens are the “victims” here. They are the victims of their parents. Whether human or primate, the adults are responsible to instruct the offspring in manners, respect, etc. So, lets put the blame where it belongs. Teens are being penalized, not because they are teens, but because the parents did not instruct them as to what is proper in society.

  2. Crbe1519 says:

    I like it,it’s not a place just to hang out-customers need to feel safe and enjoy what the mall has to offer,I work in transportation,when people out of town ask me about a mall,I suggest north park.

  3. Kathleen Poznick says:

    I totally understand the reasoning behind the rule. I deal everyday with jr. high and upper elementary kids everyday after school. Parents seemed to feel that the librarians will babysit their kids until they can pick them up. The kids run around the parking lot, dodging in and around cars trying to park, use profanity freely and can’t understand why they can’t roughhouse, play their IPods loudly or even yell in the library. There was a comment made by another listener that she thought the kids would behave better in the mall than out on the street. I sure don’t see that reflected in the ones I see everyday.

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