By 2013, You Might Not Even Have To Lace Your Own Shoes

The world keeps getting lazier and lazier, and we keep coming up with ways to make life easier and simpler.

Looks like by sometime next year we won’t even have to tie our shoes anymore.

Power Laces were created by amateur US scientist/inventor Blake Bevin. Bevin moved her start-up from Los Angeles to Melbourne with plans to start selling the shoe in 2013 for under $200.

“After the original Power Laces story broke on last year I found that I’ve had a pretty large Australian following and interest in the project,” Ms Bevin told

More than just fashion, she’s hoping they could serve a purpose for people with disabilities.

“I can’t say much about the medical uses of the product, but the lacing mechanism is secondary to things like sensory devices and things that will help with rehab and other monitoring for other motor disabilities,” she said.

See the video of the shoe below:


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