This Is The Starbucks Secret Menu We Had No Idea Even Existed

We’ve all heard of those “secret menus” at restaurants around the country. Our favorite of course being In ‘N Out Burger’s. (We’ll take a double double animal style no pickles please.) Well we just found out about one that might completely change our lives. We knew you could what you wanted at Starbucks. Get your coffee “skinny” (sugar free syrup and fat free milk), or add an extra shot of espresso, but we had no idea about this secret menu.

We don’t know what we’re going to do first? Do we mix a couple of these up and make our own secret secret menu? Take a look for your self and let us know what you’re going to do.

Most of the drinks on the ‘secret menu’ are just variations of the current drinks. But most go beyond the realm of what we thought was possible at Starbucks. Now we’re not sure if this is like In ‘N Out where the baristas will know exactly what you are talking about if you mention one of the drinks by name. But we mean to find out.
Biscotti Frapuccino

Buy a biscotti and ask the barista to blend it up with your favorite frapuccino. It makes little cookie goodness inside your frozen drink.
Captain Crunch

Strawberries & Creme freppe with a pump of caramel, two pumps of toffee, one pump hazelnut and two scoops of chocolate chips. All that and none of the cuts on the roof of your mouth like the cereal leaves.
Neopolitan Frappucino

Strawberries and Cream frappe with some vanilla bean powder and a pump of mocha.
Raspberry Cheesecake

White Chocolate Mocha (iced, hot or as a frappe it does not matter) and add a few pumps of raspberry. It’s like waking up while drinking dessert.
Blended Strawberry Lemonade

Ask for your strawberry lemonade blended.
Oreo Frappucino

Order a double Chocolate Chip frappe with white mocha syrup instead of regular mocha.
Tuxedo Mocha

Get any regular mocha with half white and half regular chocolate. (Also referred to as a zebra mocha)
The Nutella

Get a Cafe Misto with a pump of chocolate, a pump of hazelnut with caramel drizzle. (Ask for the caramel drizzle inside the cup for extra sweetness)
Super Cream Frappucino

Ask the barista to blend some whipped cream into your favorite frappe and it comes out more smooth than icy.
Three C’s

Get a cinnamon Dolce latte with a pump of caramel and a pump of chocolate mocha syrup.
Chocolate Pumpkin

Pumpkin spice latte with chocolate syrup. Make it extra delicious in Frappuccino form.


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  1. mybigredshoe says:

    This coffee lover in Seattle LOVES this inside skinny! Thanks!

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