Why You Should Read ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

No doubt you’ve heard about the E.L. James novel ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’. If you haven’t read it yet, you might be drifting into the minority of women. The erotic novel has been amazingly popular for a book of it’s nature with women. If you are part of that group that hasn’t read it, here are a few reasons to pick up the book.

It’s a Love story, with more spanking.

It’s very similar to most romance novels out there as far as the reading and core story goes. It’s really just about two different people trying to see if they can work out their differences. It’s just part of their major differences include how they approach bedroom activities.

It’s Not A Rush Job
the sexual issues that Grey and Anastasia go through with Grey figuring out if he wants a romantic relationship and Anastasia figuring out if she wants to be spanked are relatable even if not on the exact same level. Not everyone is into BDSM, but they can look at trying to figure out if they like the things their partner is into and visa versa. ‘Fifty Shades’ is really about finding out who you are and what you want and don’t want and how to get there.

The Writing is Solid
The character development of Anastasia and Grey are right there with most novels. And if you ignore the sex scenes (but we don’t suggest you do, they are written well also) it would still give the a solid story to work through.

You Don’t Have To Want To Imitate The Book
It’s a book, it’s fiction and fantasy. You don’t have to want to do what is being done in the book. If you connect with the characters you can feel their passion without having to feel exactly what they are going through. Enjoy the book, enjoy the characters and enjoy your self.


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