Five Reasons Why Men Aren’t Wearing Their Wedding Rings

My husband does not wear his wedding ring…ever.  He hasn’t in years.  He does not wear any jewelry other than a watch.  It used to bother me and I still wish he would but I’ve long given up on that.  But let me tell you…if I didn’t wear mine he’d be sure to let me know about it.  Men!

If your husband isn’t wearing his ring, there could be a very good reason.  We’re sure you’ve asked.  It’s not really a subject that goes undiscussed in a relationship.  But here are five reason why men don’t wear their wedding rings.

1. Because they just don’t like jewelry

Not always going to gain favors with the spouse, but an excuse many men use.  Some guys just don’t like to wear jewelry.

2. Because of their health

It’s not very common but some people are allergic to gold, silver and other metals rings are made of.  It makes it really hard to wear something that makes you break out in a rash or swell up so you can’t even get the ring off.  Also if a man has rheumatoid arthritis or another disease that causes swelling in the joints it can be difficult to keep a ring on all the time.

3. Because of their job

Mechanics, construction workers and men in the military often don’t wear rings because it’s unsafe at their job.  Now that might work from 9-5 (or whatever their hours are) but it’s hard to make that excuse when you’re out on date night.

4. Because they might lose it

Some men worry that they might lose the ring during the course of the day and just choose to leave it somewhere safe.  Not sure how often wedding rings get misplaced, but if they are constantly having to take it off, that might be a valid worry.

5. It goes against their beliefs

Believe it or not there are actually some religions where the wedding ring is not a sacred symbol.   The puritan settlers who came to America happen to be one of those and some people still follow their beliefs.


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