Lite’s Review Room – “Prometheus” & “Madagascar 3”

Nothing says double feature like the origins of human life and crazy talking zoo animals!   Our Queen of the Silver Screen, Julie Fisk, took in a double feature of some new movies coming out this weekend.   As always the DFW Film Critics Association member is shooting straight on what you should take in at the theaters.


Prometheus stars Noomi Rapace as a scientist who leads a team of explorers into space, seeking of origins of mankind.

Ridley Scott was vague when asked if this movie was a sequel or a prequel to “Alien,” which he directed in 1979, but “Prometheus” is actually an origin story. A group of scientists travel to an alien world looking for life-forms but instead find something unexpected and dangerous. Sure, it’s similar to the first movie, but thanks to some mind-blowing special effects and solid story-telling, it feels brand new.

It takes on some heavy topics, like Creationism versus Evolution, but one-dimensional acting leaves those questions dangling. None of that really matters though once the volume’s turned up and everyone starts running. It’s hard to talk about this film without giving away too much, so I’ll just say that I loved it.

I’m afraid that some people, who have been whipped into a frenzy at the thought of a new Ridley Scott “Alien” movie, might expect too much and then be disappointed, but I was on the edge of my seat, mouth hanging open, blown away by most of this film and that’s why I’m giving Prometheus an A-.

And here is the Paper Trailer…no word on if a paper version of the movie will be made.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Look, it doesn’t really matter what I say about this one because if you have little ones in your life, you HAVE to see it. I thought it was hilarious though and I’m giving “Madagascar 3” a B+. You won’t hate it, but you WILL have the “Circus Afro” song stuck in your head.


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