Lite’s Review Room – “Brave”

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Courtesy: Disney/Pixar

The weekend has approached fast and this Friday brings us the latest installment from Disney/Pixar.   Our own Julie Fisk, the Queen of the Silver Screen and member of the DFW Film Critics association took to the theater with her daughters to see if this animated movie would roll along the Pixar road of glory.


“Brave” stars Kelly McDonald as Merida, a Highland Princess who bucks tradition and pays a price.
The trailers for “Brave” are quick to remind us that this film comes from the makers of classics like “Up” and “Wall-E,” but this knowledge might be exactly what works against the movie.

If someone walks into “Brave,” expecting the grandeur of other Disney Pixar classics, they might leave sorely disappointed. If “Brave” is taken at face-value however, it’s actually a lovely film.

Merida, a young Scottish Princess, fights with her mother about her upcoming nuptials and runs off into the woods, seeking a way to change her fate. The studios have tried very hard to not let on exactly WHAT happens to Merida and her family and I’m not going to be the one to spill the beans.

That particular twist is unexpected and wonderful. Another unexpected twist to this Disney Princess movie is that no prince ever shows up to change Merida’s world or save the day. That responsibility falls on Merida alone.

No, this film might not be as clever or have as many well-rounded characters as Disney Pixar films of the past, but I still really enjoyed it. My daughters and I were a heap of weeping hugs by the time it was over and that’s why I’m giving “Brave” a B+.

Because at its heart, this movie is about the ties that bind, communities as well as families, and how the people we can always count on are often the ones we battle with most.


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