Woman Super Glued To Walmart Toilet Seat

200455911 001 Woman Super Glued To Walmart Toilet Seat

Mark Horn/Getty Images

A headline so unbelievable that we couldn’t make it up, a woman wound up super glued to a toilet seat to a Walmart in Monticello, Kentucky. That sounds like the textbook definition of a sticky situation.

LEX18 is reporting that an unnamed Kentucky woman spent an hour in a Walmart stall after being super-glued to the toilet seat.

Officials say the she went to use the bathroom, and someone had put superglue all over the toilet seat. EMS had to pull the woman off the seat, and she was then taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Officials think this may have been done on purpose as a prank.

Unfortunately for the woman gossip and rumors spread quickly in a small town. With Monticello’s population only at about 6,000 people, most of the town knew what had happened before she was even unstuck from the toilet.

Here is a perfect example of why we should always use the paper toilet seat covers provided in most public restrooms.


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