Facebook’s New Feature “Find Friends Nearby

144134368 Facebooks New Feature Find Friends Nearby


Facebook has added a new feature to its mobile website and apps over the weekend called “Find Friends Nearby”.

The feature does what you would think. It finds people on your friends list that may be hanging out near you.

You can access Find Friends Nearby either through the iOS or Android Facebook apps — just open up the main menu, tap “Apps,” select “Find Friends,” press “Other Tools,” and then pick “Find Friends Nearby”, or by heading to http://fb.com/ffn on your mobile device.

You will have to authorize either the apps or your browser to access your current location. This doesn’t mean that you’re allowing either to reveal your location all the time though. As soon as you leave the Find Friends Nearby page, you’ll be off the radar once again.

Now you can see who is nearby, and looking to meet up with friends.

The feature is incredibly convenient if you happen to be chatting with someone in person and want to add him as a Facebook friend. Rather than tapping out his name and wasting minutes scrolling through a list of similarly named individuals, you can just ask your new pal to open up the Find Friends Nearby page and add him with a quick tap.

What do you think about the new “Find Friends Nearby” feature? Let us know in the comments below.


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