Follow Your Nose To True Love

105784078 Follow Your Nose To True Love

Photo by Jamie Grill/Getty Images

They say the nose knows, but does the nose know how to find true love? There’s a new dating trend that wants to help you smell your way to true love. It’s called Pheromone Parties.

In the wild, animals use the scent of pheromones to find and identify potential mates. If the bar scene and online dating haven’t been working for you, why not take a page from nature and employ your nose to find a mate.

Before a Pheromone Party begins, attendees are invited to sleep in a cotton t-shirt for three consecutive nights without deodorant, perfume, or any other artificial smells so that their natural personal aroma has time to soak into the shirt. Come party time, the shirts are bagged, tagged with a number, and hung for people to take a whiff. If you like what you smell, someone snaps a photo of you with the numbered t-shirt. The photographs are then displayed in a slideshow, and if you like who you see holding your smelly tshirt, you can go talk to them.

Pheromone Party founder Judith Prays got the idea from one of her own dating experiences. Her first party in 2010 had 40 people attend. Of the 40, twelve hooked up after the party, and three of those couples made a lasting match.


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