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The Amazing Spiderman
spiderman pc 0022 rgb Lites Movie Review Room

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Hey a new Spiderman Movie! Wait, didn’t they do this already? Oh this is different? There is more than one Spiderman? No? Same Spiderman, new movie. Okay. We’re a little confused. Luckily our Queen of the Silver Screen Julie Fisk already took in the flying arachnid and will explain all of this new/old/same/different Spiderman thing.


“The Amazing Spiderman” stars Andrew Garfield as the webbed hero, Peter Parker.

People have asked if enough time had passed to reboot the Spiderman series, since the last one came out only 5 years ago. I think most of those doubts will be left in the dust once “The Amazing Spiderman” hits theaters because this “Spiderman” is a little different. Peter Parker is bitten by that spider of course, but this time he has a new villain, the Lizard, or Dr. Curt Connor played by Rhys Ifans.

If you’re seeing this movie with younger kids, be prepared because The Lizard is terrifying. He provides some heart-pounding “Jurassic Park” type moments. Peter Parker also has a new love interest, Gwen Stacy. Long-time fans of the comic books will know of her tragic history, but Gwen is new to many of us. She’s played by the sparkling Emma Stone and the chemistry between she and Andrew Garfield is undeniable. They’re a couple in real life, which probably helps.

Andrew Garfield is, in my opinion, the perfect Spiderman. He brings a sensitivity and intelligence to Peter Parker, as well as a gangly athleticism I really appreciated. He’s also a smart-aleck and gets mouthy with the bad guys when he catches them. There are some of those cheesy, over-the-top moments we ALWAYS see in the Marvel films but otherwise, I LOVED “The Amazing Spiderman” and I’m giving it an A-.

I also recommend seeing it in 3D or Imax because there are some awesome shots where you’re flying through the city AS Spiderman. It’s great, unless you’re prone to motion sickness. Then the guy sitting in front of you might be in big trouble.


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